Paxi – The Island of Poseidon

Paxos is a cluster of small islands and the smallest group of the Ionian islands, located 7 miles southern from Corfu, remain unspoilt, picturesque and idyllic until today. The largest of the islands Paxi and Antipaxos, with its’ stunning landscape, marvellous beaches and hospitable locals, are a perfect place for peaceful vacation.

According to Greek Mythologie, Poseidon, the God of the Sea, broke this place from Corfu with his trident so as he and his love, the Nereid Amphitrite, to find a peaceful place to live. And million years later, the visitors do not reveal Poseidon’s secret and, as a result, the islands’ intimacy and privacy is maintained.

Paxi - View of Gaios View of Gaios

You will definetely fall in love from the first sight with the capital and main port, graphical Gaios, which is separated by a narrow channel from it’s natural breakwater, isle Agios Nikolaos, where a Venetian fortress was built. In Gaios you can visit the museum of Paxos, where you can see finds from the prehistoric era and the classic years until the Second World War, the English govern orate on the platform of the old port, the Church of the Ascension or just explore the village by strolling through the narrow streets and admiring the traditional architecture being combined with the green landscape.

Loggos small picturesque village is located at a distance of five kilometers from Gaios and is built among pine and olive trees. It is worth visiting for the church of the Life Giving Fountain, for the taverns and of course for the fjord-shapped beaches. The other main village, Lakka, is at the northern headland of the island and there you will find the stone lighthouse which was built in 1832, with a height of 36 meters and rises 108 meters from sea level.

Erimitis white cliffs Erimitis white cliffs

Except from the three main villages, there are quaint villages not only in the north side but also in the areas nearby Gaios, where among olive groves – the trademark of Paxi – there is a different, more peaceful routine. Neighborhoods like Magazia, Velianitika, Bogdanitika, Vlachopoulatika make you feel like a local by exploring them. While almost every corner you find a church.

And when is the time to meet the clear blue water of the Ionian sea, you will have to choose among many small beaches of the islands; Giana, Soulanena, Balos, Agia Marina, in Moggonisi, Cloni Gouli, Kamini, Kaki Langada, the Salt, Kipiadi, Marmaria, Levrehio, Glyfada, Monodendri, Arkoydaki, Orkos , Kanoni, Harami, Planos, Ahai, Avlaki, and  Galazio just in Paxi and in Antipaxi the magnificent beaches with the crystal waters of Vrika, Voutoumi and the more isolated Rodovani and Sarakiniko.

antipaxos voutoumi beach voutoumi beach in antipaxos

There is no better way to see all the beaches on the island but to make the tour of it with a boat. Not only you will see underwater caves, small bays and the famous tripito arch, but also you will admire the fjord-shaped coastline and swim in crystal blue waters. If you wish to explore and fully enjoy the natural beauty of the islands, most especially Antipaxos, you have to rent aboat from a local who knows the best spots and can guide you very well. You can find more information in here and here.


  • Stroll in the streets of Gaios, see the churches and chapels of the area.
  • Visit the Venetian fortress of Agios Nikolaos isle, in Gaios
  • Hire a boat and explore the islets around Paxi
  • Hike the old trails, such as the Mousmoúli-Porto Oziás and the Manessátika-Ypapantí ones.
  • Visit Tripitos, the impressive stone arch

Paxi - tripito arch tripito arch


  • The Venetian fortress in Agios Nikolaos isle was built bases on Leonardo da Vinci’s designs
  • There are olive groves all over the island of Paxi, in where olive oil is produces and Antipaxos is full of vineyards, in where a rare wine variety is produced.
  • Across the island there are many monumental cisterns, ingenious works of art, the islanders had built them to store the precious water and today are a part of island’s cultural heritage
  • You can take diving lessons in the crystal blue waters of the islands. You have to dare it in order to admire the world in the seabed
  • Paxi’s thermal sprngs are known since ancient times. In Oziás, Yaná and Glyfáda you can find them and receive an alternative treatment for rheumatics and skin diseases.


The only way you can reach the islands is by ferry from the mainland of Greece from the port of Igoumenitsa and from Corfu.